Wild Rose Hydrosol 4oz


Our Wild Rose was foraged from the woodlands of our farm in early June. It is distilled shortly after via hydro-distillation.

Rose is one of the oldest and best known scents and its usage has been dated back as far as 7000 years ago.

Its scent is floral, dry and woody with a fruity finish. It is sure to uplift your senses, bring a feeling of peace and well-being
and invoke sensuality.

Can be used as a luxurious body spray, to freshen up your living space and even added to a soothing bath.  It is said that Wild Rose is great for mature skin. It helps to improve overall hydration and lessens the appearance of scars and fine lines and known to calm irritated skin.

This is a small batch product. We only do one distillation a year when the wild rose is in season.

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