Lark Wild Flower Honey


Straight from the hive into the jar!

Our honey is raw and filtered only once, we do not use any heat in the process of uncapping or extracting. So you get all of the goodness raw honey has to offer!

We are currently offering our Medium Honey! This honey is from our Summer Harvest where the bees enjoyed the bountiful array of summertime blooms such as thyme, hyssop, catnip, lavender, mountain mint, coneflower, borage, thistle, comfrey, milkweeds and many others.

Sensory Profile
This honey being both bold and fragrant. This honey comes from the nectar of summer season wildflowers.

  • Nose – cinnamon roll with apple
  • Taste – melodic with cotton candy coating mouthfeel. Notes of brûléed orange. Good acidity on the back.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs